Additional plugins

WordPress web sites have ‘plugins’, which can do a wide range of things – think of them as ‘apps’ for your web site. There are many thousands of them – including the ones we built to connect web sites to FixturesLive content. Most of these are listed here – at WordPress.

If your site is hosted with FixturesLive, your site was initially created with the most obvious plugins for you, and you may not need anything else. If you are looking to do more with your site, by adding additional plugins, you need to ask us to do this for you. This is a protection for you, because not all plugins are properly supported by the people that wrote them, or are potentially dangerous to our system. If a plugin is safe, properly supported, and consistent with what FixturesLive does, we will normally add it to your site without charge after reviewing and trying it out on our test system.

Below are the ‘additional’ plugins which are live in one or more sites that we host, and may not be live in your site  – let us know if you’d like these enabled for you.

  • Contact Form 7 – allows you to put a ‘contact form’ on a page, which does not display email address(es). Can be configured in a number of ways, with, for example, drop-down menus so that enquiries can go to different email addresses. You need to review, from time to time, that the email addresses used are still valid, or enquiries will be lost.
  • Flickr Gallery – if you have images stored at Flickr
  • iframe – this ‘cuts a window’ in your site to view a page from another site. Is not mobile-friendly, so should only be used in rare circumstances.
  • Instagram Feed – if you have an account with them
  • Simple Custom CSS – this allows you to override the built-in custom style sheets. Only to be used by people who are confident with hand-coding CSS.
  • TablePress – it is tempting to use this to tables to lay out content in columns e.g. a list of committee members. However this can look poor on mobile devices. This plugin allows you to create sortable/searchable tables, and we recommend it for lists of 20+ items
  • Ultimate Facebook – has a range of options for displaying Facebook content – requires you to have access to the relevant Facebook account
  • YouTube – to display YouTube videos