Club plugin explained

The club plugin connects your web site to FixturesLive data, and creates a set of ‘core’ Pages to allow users to click from team to league and so on, as you do on FixturesLive itself.

These need to be correct (i.e. changing them is likely to make a mess of your site):

  • your ClubID – this is your ClubID on FixturesLive
  • your Data Key – this defines your web services/data feed account
    • this is available by annual subscription – see pricing
    • NB this is not the same key as used in our javascript embedding feature, which many sites use

‘Core Pages’
(deleting some of them them will cause errors):

  • Teams (lists teams for your club) – can be removed from menu, but is essential so users can click around
  • Whats on (shows your club’s fixtures +/- 8 days – can be removed from menu
  • Contacts (shows your club’s published contacts, the same as on FixturesLive) – can be removed from menu
  • Venues (displays venue detail) – is essential so users can click around
  • External competition – is essential so users can click around
  • Current competitions (lists teams/competitions for your club’s current competitions) – can be removed from the menu
  • Archived competitions (lists teams/competitions your club’s archived competitions) – can be removed from the menu

You can add these to areas of your site by going to Appearance/Widgets:

  • Club location – this gives a map showing the club’s location (as set in the FixturesLive Club Admin area – Info/Settings)
  • Today – this gives a count of matches taking place ‘today’, the number of results awaited, and the time of the last-entered result, plus a link to the what’s on page.
  • Next match for team – this does what it says on the tin; can be configured for different teams, and for home only.

There is a range of shortcodes available. These are listed in our Support area. Shortcodes allow content to be added to Pages without using Widgets.

Setting up editable team Pages – using Redirects and Shortcodes
The plugin allows people to click around, which is great, and links for teams in your club are normally displayed as If you want to create a page for each of your teams, that might contain photos, sponsor info and so on, you need to:

  1. create your Page e.g.
  2. add the [list_fixtures_for_team] shortcode to display their fixtures
  3. add a ‘redirect’, so that when people click on, they will be redirected to

Match reports
It’s easy to add match reports, linked to a specific team and fixture, so that you can add your own content. A widget lists recent match reports for your club.