Easy Theme Advanced Theme Custom Theme
Advert-free; mobile-friendly y y y
Seamless connection to FixturesLive data (no updating required where data is maintained in FixturesLive) y y y
Use domain of your choice (e.g. mysite.com); easy transfer from existing provider y y y
WordPress dashboard (easy editing of news, events; upload of images/documents, adding new pages and editing menus, and more) y y y
Web stats built in (Google Analytics), cookie consent (legal requirement) y y y
Future-proof (WordPress updates are applied automatically) y y y
100Mb storage of docs/images (see pricing for extra space) y y y
Daily back-ups (+ exports to you – see below) y y y
Online support available y y y
Logo/basic colours editable y y y
Fixed site header y n/a n/a
Custom header (up to 3 rows, with up to 3 columns, containing menus, text or images) n y ask
Single menu – basic colours y n/a n/a
One or two menus, each with custom colours n y ask
What more your site can do
New features via WordPress plugins: there are huge numbers of these, which can add extra features to your site. FixturesLive controls which plugins are available for your site, but we are happy to add new plugins if they are safe. ask ask ask
Back-ups: we can automate the export of your images/documents to your own cloud location (e.g. DropBox) on a schedule of your choice y y y
Custom CSS (to tweak design/layout) This is a plugin we can enable for you y y n/a