Q: Can I get the FixturesLive plugins for my own WordPress site?

A: You can, however it may not necessarily work with your chosen Theme, and we are unlikely to be able to support you if that’s the case. What we offer, mainly, is a package of hosting, security/maintenance and back ups, plus trusted plugins plus compatible themes. This maintains everything in one place; it avoids you having to worry. We can add plugins for you (if safe, properly supported by the authors, and consistent with what FixturesLive does) and we can export all your files to you on a schedule of your choice. If you’re keen to host your own site, get in touch about our plugins, as they are not available publicly.

Q: Is the ‘Advanced Theme’ a simple upgrade from the ‘Easy’ Theme?

A: No. We would need to create a new ‘staging’ site for you, which would involve additional cost. This won’t be a lot, but please ask.

Q: Can I apply a WordPress Theme of my own choice – one that I’ve found elsewhere?

A: Not to a site hosted by us. Our league and club plugins are pretty complex, and may not work with some WordPress Themes. If you have the resources to consider having a fully custom Theme, we can recommend WordPress-savvy designers to create one for you. Alternatively you can host your own site, using our plugin(s), but this may require some work at your end.

Q: How do we get support?

A: Support articles are available from the main FixturesLive Support system; these are also available in the menu of your site’s Dashboard, once you log in. Telephone support and priority email support is available as part of our Premium Support package, which is normally only available for large organisations.

Q: Will I be able to manage one of these sites by logging in through FixturesLive?

A: These sites have their own login, so you will have separate username and password etc.

Q: What does the WordPress admin interface look like?
A: There are many videos and guides on the web, given the popularity of WordPress. Here’s a 4 minute video guide we like that talks you through the main dashboard. Your FixturesLive site will be slightly different because of the way we set your site up.

Q: Can these sites have multiple editors that can be added/removed easily?
A: This is a native feature of WordPress, so yes.