Techie info

Our web sites are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS), at their data centre in Ireland.

All our sites are part of a WordPress Multisite configuration. This allows us to manage things in one place – updating the core system + plugins + themes.

The plugins for each site use our data feeds, which output in XML. You can see the available feeds here. Accessing these is controlled by a data key, which is available by subscription. All of our WordPress sites are set up with their own data key, but if you want to use the same feeds for other things get in touch.

We back up the whole Multisite instance daily on AWS S3, and store these for seven days, using Skeddly.

We also export each site’s files to daily to AWS S3 using the Snapshot Pro plugin; we can also export files to pretty much any cloud location of your choice.

Let us know if you have any technical questions.